We are all on a spectrum of mental health and everyone will struggle at some point in their life. Let’s build a toolbox for living better.

Beyond Well With Sheila Hamilton is here to listen, affirm and share stories to help you feel less alone in the world.

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I’ve been researching and writing about mental health topics for thirteen years. I grew tired of the emphasis on sickness instead of wellness. I grew tired of seeing human experiences turned into pathological experiences. The truth is, we all have the innate ability to live better. I wanted to offer the tools for an emotional toolbox for all people, regardless of their ability to pay.

I’m joined each week by Dr.Jenna LeJeune and Dr. Brian Goff, two psychologists who share my belief that well-being is our default position. Lets build an emotional toolbox together.

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Thanks, Kalee. This is exactly why we're here:

Recent life events and decisions have lead me to a point of reevaluating how I approach the meaning of this soup we’re all swimming in. Why do we endure? Why do we suffer or struggle or push through? What does “wellness” look like and actually mean in the context of mental health? Is it a term by which we mean to “get better,” as though how we are is inherently lacking and not good enough? Is it to find better ways to live with the reality of present internal and external circumstances? Is it some 3rd option I can’t even think of? Because I want to be well, but I don’t want to feel like I’m always failing at “getting better”. Where does that bar even sit, and how the heck do I attempt to reach something that I don’t even understand where it’s at? So obviously, I went searching – for answers, for more questions, for anything that prodded my heart and mind to newness and hopefully a more tangible meaning of wellness.

That’s where @sheilahamilton’s amazing podcast, Beyond Well, comes into the story. Recently a new found and favorite performing artist of mine, @scottthepainter, guest starred on the show and it blew my heart wide open. I could ramble for days of the goodness that is spoken in this mere 43 minutes but if you’re still with me thus far into my ramblings, then I want to leave you with this tiny nugget of simple, provocative thought gleaned from their wise insight:
Is the momentum of your daily life moving TOWARDS something you care about, something you value in such a way that gives meaning to the moments of suffering? Or are you simply attempting to move AWAY from the things that are messy, painful, overwhelming and scary? Because “towards” has purpose and “away” merely subtracts from both the hard and the beneficial that we can experience in this breath of a life.
The end. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk haha. Go listen to the podcast if you got time, the link is in my bio!♥️🤘🏼

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